Cranes – Why Having One Matters?

You’ve seen cranes in action countless times, and may have seen all the different types as well. Well, now that you are a little familiar with these, it is time to know about one type that may not be too familiar to you. The EOT crane, also known as electronic overhead traveling crane, is big, massive, heavy and quite precise. These massive cranes are usually seen handling all types of cargo at ports. From loading to unloading, lifting to dropping, the eot crane is indeed a one of a kind crane the likes of which you may not have possibly seen before. Despite its size that can be quite overwhelming to see, seeing it functioning is even scarier. The real surprise comes when you see it in action. The remarkable precision that these cranes carry with is simply mind boggling. Think about it – how can a machine this massive, containing thousands of parts and carrying tons and tons of cargo be so precise and accurate? It is true that manufacturers of such eot cranes have their work cut out. After all, you might not find a lot of machinery and automotive manufacturers competing with this behemoth. That said, the massive machine is able to deliver the cargo with utmost of ease. The perfection achieved here goes in microseconds and the cargo is placed at the port in a matter of minutes. This keeps happening day and night, 24/7. Here is more on why bigger cranes are used more frequently and what sort of performance they deliver:


If there was any comparison to be made between both types of cranes, it would be based on the functionality of both. We know for a fact that an eot crane is heavy duty and is designed to partake only for commercial activities. However, that is not the only thing you need to know, there is more to it. For instance, most eot cranes are fixed as they are massive and not portable. It is not possible to move this huge crane around but it was not meant to. Still, the crane is several moving parts that help move the cargo from one place to another. These parts need timely replacement and once done, the crane is likely to serve for long period of time without malfunctioning. It is time to get info on eot cranes as it will only help you know better about this technology and why is it becoming such a common piece of hardware across all ports around the world.