Basic baby care tips for mothers

Newborn babies need special attention and extreme care. Your child will need 24/7 care and attention as he will not be able to understand countless dangers that exist around him. For this reason, it will be your responsibility to watch out each and every move and fulfill his feeding and hygiene needs to ensure his safety and health. To makes things easy for you, there are a few baby care tips that will help you a great deal to effectively look after your baby without any trouble. These baby care tips will guide you about the best practices that you should adopt to take care of your infant baby.

Bathing tips for your baby

Countless parents find it quite frightening to give a bath to their babies. Believe it or not, many of them even take on the services of a professional for this purpose. If truth be told, while you might get nervous about letting your baby slip from your hands during the bath, there are things that you can do to make sure that you enjoy giving a bath to your baby.  To begin with, it is necessary for you to prepare everything in advance. All the necessary items including the baby towel, tub, shampoo, diapers and clothes should be prepared beforehand so that any hassles can be avoided. To ensure your baby care in Dubai, it is necessary for you to bathe your baby in a warm room. Make sure that the water is of an adequate temperature and not too cold.

Nutrition tips to follow

Yes it is a fact that your babies need water, but make sure that it is not in the plain and distilled form. In the beginning, your baby’s liquid needs should be fulfilled through the milk. Do not give water to your baby until he is six months of age. Once your baby starts teething, you will need to give him a bit of water, but till then he should only be fed milk.

Other basic tips

When you put an end to nursing in Dubai and start your baby on semi-solid food, you should make sure that you clean his gums regularly. For this, you can easily make use of cotton or any other rubbery material you have. Do this at least once a day. Also, make sure that your child does not sleep with the milk bottle in his mouth.


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