Any library which contains resourceful content must have the following ones so that students, scholars and anyone in general is able to benefit from it. Library resources for students should be available everywhere just like stationary in Dubai so that it can be accessed easily at any time. There are several types of library resources mentioned below:

  • Articles

There should be a proper index of all the articles that were published in journals and magazines in different categories and sub categorizes so it becomes easier to sift through them. Usually newspaper article must have its own index and shouldn’t be included with magazines and journals unless the reference is accepted by the professional community.

  • Geographical resources

This will include all the atlases, maps and gazetteers with collection of old and new maps, aerial photos and any other such resources. They can also be easily categorized by theme, subject or matter.

  • Biographical resources Book and film reviews

This is one of those resources which libraries are widely used for. They should be categorized according to people and their works in different fields. They can also be categorized according to era and timeline. Biographical resources can be in form of full articles, books or even small references. Reviews are another very important resource in the category of entertainment where a full history of books and movies is found. It can include reviews and back stories, interviews and any other such thing in print form. Single titles and follow ups can be included. If movie scripts are available, they should also be accessible to everyone.

  • Dictionary and encyclopaedia

Dictionaries can be categorized by language, subject matter or even updated versions. Dictionary of quotations and acronym should also be included. Online dictionaries can also be included in this but they would fall in category of electronic resources more.

  • Hand books and manuals

Handbooks are extremely useful for those who are looking for instructions and references to use certain tools. The information can range from physics matters and apparatus to car manuals and driving references.

There are many other resources which a library must include for feasibility of everyone because then only it will be considered as a complete library with all important resources which can b accessed any time by any one.